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Entity Formation (LLCs, Corporations, Non-profits) and Governance

As business owners ourselves, we are well-positioned to assist other business owners with setting up the entity that works best for them. We can help you choose the right entity for your business model, form it, file it, and register it.  We also provide our clients with advice concerning how to treat the entity on a going-forward basis and basic tax advice.  

Additionally, we can help ensure that the entity is properly operated and its actions detailed and documented.  Unfortunately, many people believe that simply forming a corporation or LLC provides the necessary liability protection between their businesses’ liabilities and their personal assets; however, an entity that has been formed but has not been properly governed can be virtually useless in that regard.  We help our clients maintain and govern their entities to take full advantage of their entities’ legal benefits.

Here are some descriptions and representative matters in which we have helped our clients form and govern their businesses:

Simple Entity Formation:  Our client left his consulting job and decided to start his own consulting firm.  We helped him form his single-member LLC and structured his business for the easy admission of future partners.  We also obtained the new business’s employer identification number (EIN), helped register the business’s trade name, and provided information for meeting certain local regulatory requirements, like obtaining a business license and paying personal business property taxes.

More Complicated Entity Issues:  Our client, a medium–sized business with multiple employees and corporate entities, approached me for review of corporate documents.  The corporations involved were adequately formed, but lacked proper ongoing documentation, failed to record equity interests accurately, and contained no protections in the event one or more shareholders left employment or offered their shares for sale.  We filled the gaps by setting up buy-sell and other vitally necessary provisions in a shareholders’ agreement, produced minutes to legally define shareholders’ interests, and set up a template for future corporate governance.

If you have questions about our entity formation services, please download, complete, and return the entity formation questionnaire on the “Contact Us” page or email Dan at dan (at) nealandwright (dot) com.