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Commercial Real Estate

If you are considering purchasing, selling, or developing land or buildings, we can help. Neal & Wright LLC has experience in assisting clients with the legal aspects of negotiating the sale or purchase of commercial real estate, including shopping centers, office buildings, and warehouses. We also have experience in leasing the same kinds of commercial properties. In addition, we can review loan documents to ensure that you receive a fair shake.

Here are some descriptions and a few representative matters in which we have helped our clients in commercial real estate:

Negotiation of Lease and Financing: We helped a client negotiate the sale, then lease, of a large (120,000 sq. ft.) building to a non-profit entity. This deal had multiple twists and turns, including the transition of the deal from an acquisition to a ground lease with complicated easement/party-wall sharing agreements, environmental issues, and construction obligations, and multi-tiered financing involving both institutional lenders and private parties. Ultimately, we were able to successfully arrange the financing and conclude the lease after a period of nearly 9 months of negotiations.

Acquisition and SBA Loan: We represented a group seeking to move into a new building with SBA financing (requiring owner occupancy). We were able to conclude the deal after addressing a couple of special issues, namely the historical nature of the building, which required review of national governmental guidelines concerning historic buildings previously owned by the U.S. government, and the extra layer or requirements of the SBA lender.

Acquisition of Property: We assisted our client in negotiating and completing the purchase of a combination retail/office commercial property, including assisting with due diligence items (title and environmental), contract negotiation, transactional issues, current lease review, and financing.

Easement Agreement and Acquisition of Property for Special Use: We assisted a client in establishing an emergency veterinary hospital by working out neighboring easement agreements for special sewage needs, reviewing title to the property, and negotiating the purchase of the land for the project. We also helped our client establish buy-sell agreements funded by life insurance among the partners of the entity owning the property and work out beneficial loan terms and conditions.

If you have questions about our commercial real estate services, please contact Dan at dan (at) nealandwright (dot) com.